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Tailgate Pro621 Flagpole

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Wonder Pole
RRP: $199.00
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10.00 LBS
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 Product Description


Wonder Pole, the strongest telescoping fiberglass pole. Made In The USA.


  • Complete Set Includes:
  • Telescoping Wonder Pole® 59" to 21'
  • 3×5' U. S. High Fly flag.
  • 2 sets of rotational flag attachments (Tangle free flag flying).
  • Vinyl End Caps
  • Ready to fly out of the box, no assembly required.




Raises to 21' instantly!, closes to 59". Fly two flags or more, fits in the car or truck, will not break or crack! Buy a  Wonder Pole®, the best telescoping fiberglass pole Made in the USA.


 Before You Buy, Compare These Features:



Wonder Poles® are telescoping fiberglass poles made in the USA! They have a 1/8" ID wall thickness, ultraviolet inhibitors , woven mat, and two veils. There are 6 nesting sections with a 2" diameter base, and a 3/4" topmast. Sections are factory fitted with our Sure Lock™ grips for instant set up and take down. When fully extended it reaches 21' high, and closes down to only 59" for fast & easy storage. You can raise the pole to any desired height. Fly multiple flags of various designs, and sizes. Use this pole with our optional Wheel Stand Pro 24™ for mounting on any surface. Great for Tailgating, NASCAR, sporting events and outdoor recreational activities.




Safety: Unlike aluminum poles our telescoping fiberglass flagpole is safer in storms and does not act like a lightning rod.

Strength: Wonder Pole®uses our own exclusive process making them super strong. You can fly multiple flags, large flags, and custom banners on our flagpoles but don't try it on aluminum flagpoles.

Versatility: The Tailgater Pro closes to 59" which is ideal for travel to the game or outdoor event. Because we use the "Sure Lock Grips" the pole can be opened at any height up to 21 feet.

Maintenance free, will not oxidize or rust, super strength for multiple flags or giant banners, jam proof, ultra violet inhibitors added, and a stylish look make this the best tailgate flagpole on the market today.


Most telescoping flagpoles only come with a warranty against manufacturer’s defects. To our knowledge no other portable telescopic flagpole offers the following guarantee. If you are not satisfied when you get your Wonder Pole® we will take it back, no questions asked. We also guarantee our pole for 1 year from the date of purchase against breakage under normal use, and 3 years against yellowing. Before you buy an offshore copy, ask this question. Can you fly large flags, windsocks or large banners? And will you guarantee the pole? Make sure the label says Wonder Pole®.

Q. Why is the Wonder Pole® the best telescoping pole to buy, and how is it made?

The Wonder Pole® is a composite material. We use a minimum fiberglass content of 70% using a trade secret method that adds tremendous strength, (excess of 75,000 psi) and prevents linear splitting commonly associated with other fiberglass poles. UV inhibitors are added to prevent degradation of the pole when exposed to the elements. Each section of the pole is wrapped with two layers of the highest quality veil which prevents fiber bloom (slivers in your hand), and preserves the integrity of the outer and inner surface of the Wonder Pole®.

The pole has nesting sections that fit inside of each other, and draw out to any desired height. Each section has our exclusive stop markers to prevent extending the pole too far. The sections are secured into place by turning the sure Lock grips that are factory molded onto the pole. We do not use glue or rivets, which come loose, to keep the handles or fittings on the pole. The Wonder Pole® is made of non-conductive fiberglass, and does not have any of the electrical hazards commonly associated with metal poles. It also has a fire retardant value of “Self-Extinguishing”.

You can replace any part of the pole or add to the Wonder Pole® at any time. Add to this the low weight, superior strength, available accessories, styles, models, and colors available, and you have the best telescopic pole in the world today.

Q. Is the Wonder Pole® guaranteed?

Every Wonder Pole® is guaranteed. Most other companies do not post a guarantee, or use a limited warranty instead. They only cover manufacturer’s defects. We will simply take the pole back if you are not happy with it. If it fails in the first year, we will replace the pole. We ask that you read about the Wonder Pole®, and choose the Wonder Pole® that's right for you.

Q. What is the size of the Wonder Pole® at the top, and the bottom?

The Wonder Pole®621 (retracted size 59" to 21' fully extended overall length) consists of 6 nesting sections. The base section is 2" outside diameter, the second section is 1 3/4" outside diameter, the third section measures 1 1/2", the forth section is 1 ¼', section 5 is 1", and the topmast section is 3/4" in outside dimensions. The sections are nesting, with 1/8" wall thickness, white fiberglass.

Q. How do I attach flags, and banners, etc. to the Wonder Pole®?

Flags & banners with grommets (holes in the header with metal rings) can be attached by using the two non-wrapping flag attachments supplied with the pole. If you have a pole sleeve banner of flag simply slide the flag over the top section.

Q. How many flags can I put on my Wonder Pole®?

The Wonder Pole® has the ability to fly several flags at one time. Please refer to the product page for the correct amount and size. In some cases the type of flag attachment you use may limit the size or number that can be put on each section. If you are using nylon zip ties the number of flags flown can be increased. Because of the Wonder Poles® superior strength it not uncommon to see tailgaters, and NASCAR fans flying 2, 3, and up to 5 flags, and/or windsocks on one pole. Consider flag size, and material, and don't forget the wind conditions when mounting multiple flags. In other words, you are the final judge when loading the pole. Just use common sense, show your colors, and have fun!

Q. How much does the Wonder Pole® weigh?

The Wonder Pole® 621 is under 10 pounds!

Q. Does the pole bend a lot in the wind?

All poles flex to some degree, some less than others. The Wonder Pole® 621 does not have a great deal of flex, and in fact the small amount of movement at the top acts like a shock absorber, extending the life of flags & banners by reducing the snapping effect in high winds.

Q. Can I put the Wonder Pole® in the ground?

Yes. The Wonder Pole® can be slipped into a standard ABS or PVC 2” tube. The sleeve is put in place using readily available sack cement, allowing the pole to be removed for storage or display at another location. For portable use, our optional Wheel Stand Pro steel tire stand. The Wonder Pole® can also be secured to fences, fence posts, existing tent poles, buildings, on roofs, and to any other structure or device with a sufficient foundation.  Complete instructions come with every Wonder Pole®. You can use our Wheel Stand 24" Pro to take on the road or to the game. Simply extend your pole, slip it into the Gator Shield® riser, and your all set. Unlike other stands the 24" steel plate keeps the pole a safe distance away from any vehicle, and the special riser protects the fiberglass from contact with the steel interior or the mount.

Q. Do you ship Wonder Pole® outside of the United States?

Yes, we now offer worldwide shipping. All International orders must be made by phone. Because duties and tariffs may apply, the exact costs must be determined on a quote basis. Please email us the county destination, exact addresses, postal codes, and other information needed to complete the shipment. If you are not familiar with these items, let us know, and our international shipping staff will help you in processing the order.

Q. Do you accept Purchase Orders?

We accept purchase orders from qualified accounts, the Government, Cities, Schools, and certain Organizations. Please email us so we can have someone contact you directly.


Telescoping Wonder Poles® are the strongest, most versatile telescopic fiberglass pole made today. Choose from various custom sizes to fit your special application. Stock sizes, and custom sets are available. Add your favorite accessory to make it just the way you want. Wonder Poles® do not have the electrical shock hazards commonly associated with steel and aluminum flagpoles. Because we use our exclusive "Sure Lock" grips the pole can be adjusted quickly to any height you desire. Remember, you can fly multiple flags, windsocks, banners, pennants, or mount antennas, cameras, and other devices to our super strong Wonder Pole®. If it doesn't carry the Wonder Pole® registration it's not the best in the world!

Wonder Pole® is the only pole that can support all of the flags and banners you see pictured above. This remarkable pole is built to take strong winds gusting above 60 mile per hour. It is maintenance free, telescopic, white fiberglass, and being non-conductive it does not have any of the electrical hazards associated with metal poles. All poles are in stock and ship the same day or the next business day. We carry a full line of accessories for the Wonder Pole®.

Telescopic - Fiberglass - Strong - Lightweight – Non-conductive - Custom Sizes - Sure Lock Grips - Portable Poles - Extension Poles - Sectional Poles - Flagpoles - Event Poles - Fiberglass Poles – Self-Extinguishing.

 Warranty Information

Every Tailgate Pro is backed by our guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this being the best Tailgate Flagpole you have seen or had, send it back. Contact us with your request to return this pole and we will arrange a refund. We only ask that you do not put the product into use.

Wait, what happens if you do use our Tailgate flagpole and it breaks, splits, or somehow does not perform like we say it will. In that case, we will take it back even if you have used it. That's right, take it to the game, put your flag or flags on the Tailgate Pro 621 and fly them high. We know that the Wonder Pole will out perform the competition hands down.
Ask the other flagpole company if they will give you same guarantee?

Thank you in advance for checking out the Tailgate Pro621. Made In The USA! And it is made by us.

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 Product Reviews

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  1. Only flagpoles worth buying

    Posted by Jeff on 16th Apr 2016

    Strong and reliable flagpole. Easy to set up and take down.
    Makes it fun to display my favorite teams and alma mater flags during game days.

  2. You get what you pay for

    Posted by Terry on 30th Jan 2016

    This is a much better quality flag pole than my old pole(made in China) that snapped in a gust of wind recently. I like that it is made in America.

  3. Awesome tailgate pole!!

    Posted by Tony on 1st Oct 2014

    Our tailgate has a short bus and were looking for a flagpole with heighth but travel well. The wonder pole was a perfect find. We couldn't be happier. Handles both flags even in Kansas winds and stores nicely under the seats. Also love that it is made in USA!! EMAW!!

  4. Best Tailgate Flagpole

    Posted by Rob on 1st Sep 2014

    After researching almost all flagpoles out there, I finally decided to spend a little extra and go with the Wonderpole. After all, it came with a satisfaction guarantee. This flagpole and tire stand is like no other. It flew 2 flags with hardly any sway. I did not wrap the bottom with pipe insulation because it never came close to the suburban. I flew the flags at the full 20 feet. The others in out tailgate party remarked at the stability if the pole. I'm guessing they will be ditching their economy $100 pole for a wonderpole. If you want the best, go with this pole. I ordered on a Monday any it arrived on Friday with standard shipping.

  5. tailgate flagpole

    Posted by Alex Semmler on 17th Jul 2014

    Absolutely perfect for southern tailgating at Florida State Seminole games!!!

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